Monday, May 25, 2009

Update on My Kiddos!

Life is super hectic right now (just right now??), and sometimes my blog is the first thing to get neglected. SO how about a short update on each of the kiddos?? :

Brodie: He just turned 6 and is 3.5 days away from being a 1st grader! *sniff* He's also playing t-ball at church and is having fun even though he didn't think he was going to!

Deacon: Deacon is done with his first year of pre-k! He is going to be going to Children's Mercy in August to have a sleep study done. He is still snoring a lot and having apnea at night. I hope we can get something figured out!

Truman: Truman is also done with his first year of pre-k! He continues to be my most crazy and free spirited child! I have been working on seeing that as a positive, which really it is!

Sawyer: He is having a language explosion right now! Saying new words and phrases everyday! "excuse me", "baseball", "grandma", "thank you", "what's that?" and many other things!

Elliot: She is at a really cute age!! She talks and coos all the time and smiles at everybody. She's trying to start rolling. She is the most fussy and demanding baby we have ever had, but I think we'll keep her :)