Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A momma can brag, can't she?!?!

Tonight, Jason and I went to Brodie's very first parent/teacher conference! I am proud to report that he is doing so well! He is reading on his own at a level most kids don't read on until way later in the year. They need to know numbers 1-25, and he can go up to 69! He can recognize 10 of their "sight words" and he only needed to know 6. He knows how to subtract and they haven't even started learning that yet! He can recognize all of his capital and lowercase letters by sight, and not in alphabetical order and the numbers 1-31 by sight and not in numerical order. He is just an amazing little guy and he has learned so much since he started school. Jason and I could not be more proud of him!!!!!!

On a side note, some exciting things may be happening on the "home" front! Conveniently enough, my brothers feels like the house he bought is a little too big for him and we just happen to need a bigger house! We may be buying it from him and hopefully moving before Elliot gets here! More to come....

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Some days I feel like a bad mom...

Yeah, today is one of them :( I just feel like I have a very short fuse today and am getting irritated with the boys way too easily! Also, I cannot get motivated to do anything around the house that needs to be done today. Today....I just suck....

Monday, October 20, 2008

Deke and Tru will be the reasons for my 1st grey hair!

Oh, those twins of mine!!! The 3's are a hard age anyway, in my opinion. Mush worse than the so called "terrible 2's"!! What's worse is that they are boys and there are 2 of them. When one of them starts in on something, the other just feeds off of that and it quickly escalates. I wouldn't say they are bad, they are just kids and this is just the age they are at right now but it is hard! I find myself losing my cool with them pretty much daily! Like right now, I just looked in their room, why are we playing with the baby Q-tips?!? WHY?!?! They are little sweethearts though, always hugging us and telling us they love us which is nice but hen I turn around and see them kicking the dog or pushing Sawyer over. Oh my!! They did melt my heart today though.Brodie was at school and Sawyer was taking his morning nap so I gave them some paper and markers and told them to draw me a Halloween picture. Well....Deacon drew some fog, but with a door on it so you can get out and Truman drew a spider eating a Halloween sandwich :) How can you not just want to eat them up, even when they do drive you nuts??

Friday, October 17, 2008

To go for 6 or not...

Jason and I have been talking a lot lately. Are we really "done" having kids?!? At the age of 26, am I going to really say, "Yes, I am for sure never going to have another baby." I just can't honestly do that!! Having 6 children has kind of been sticking out in my mind for some time now,and I know Jason is on board for a 6th as well. I know kids cost money, etc but if you don't have a large family or the desire to have one then you really just cannot understand. I LOVE being surrounded by my children and having a busy, happy home for them to grow up in. I think they will be better adults having grown up in a large family. More caring and more thoughtful of others. Some people think that large families are leading to the overpopulation of the world, but I don't really see it that way. I mean, YES, if every single person in the world had 6 children then we would be looking at some big time overpopulation but that is no the case. I feel like I am in a very small minority of people who wants to have a family that large. Think of all the people who choose not to have children or only have one child, etc. I'm just making up where they left off :)

You know, Jason and I never stared out saying, "We are going to have a huge family, let's start popping them out!!" There was actually even a moment, a very brief moment, when we thought about stopping with Brodie! HA!!! Once we had Deke and Tru and went from 1 child to 3 overnight, we saw how amazing it was to be surrounded by our. We knew we were not done and along came Sawyer eventually. Even after Sawyer, I just knew he was not the end of the line for us and here we are expecting our first daughter!!! When I clothes my eyes and imagine my family sitting on a bench, there are still some people missing. I see Jason and I, Brodie, Deacon, Truman, Sawyer, Elliot, but there seems like there is one more spot waiting to be filled....

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Every age is my "favorite" age!

I swear that every age my kids are going though is my favorite! There is just something so fun and exciting (and also bittersweet) about watching your children grow and learn. Here is why each age they are in is my "favorite":

Brodie: Brodie is about 5.5 now and s in kindergarten and he is just an awesome kid! He is learning to read and write which just amazes me! He is making his own little friends outside of our family unit. He has a definite clothing style that he prefers and hobby's that he enjoys and a certain way he likes his hair ("not handsome", as he says). You can carry on a conversation with him just like you would an adult. He knows how to use humor and sarcasm at appropriate times and he is just fun to be with!

Deacon and Truman: These two are going though an age of discovery! Not only are they becoming more independant by being able to dress themselves, put on their own shoes, put their own dishes and clothes up, etc but they are learning so much! They are at an age where they are learning colors and numbers and shapes and just really starting to notice the world around them. This is the age where they ask they cutest questions like "Why does a duck have wings?" and "Where does the moon go when it sleeps?" and you just want to bottle them up because they are so precious! I love to watch them learn.

Sawyer: Such a fun age!! He is walking and talking now! His favorite thing is to yell for our dog Zelda when he can't find her. He feeds himself with utensils now pretty well and he tries so hard to put on his own shoes and socks. He gets very frustrated when he knows what he wants to do but can't figure out how to do it. He loves to give big hugs and kisses. When the phone rings he looks at me and says "Hello?" like he is telling me to go answer it. He just does something new every day and it is just too fun to watch.

My children may drive me nuts at times, but when I sit down and really think about how blessed I am it just amazes me. I love those boys with all that I am!

Monday, October 13, 2008

I never thought I would be like this.

As I was sitting her, just cleaning up from lunch and laying Sawyer down for a nap I was thinking about my life and how different it is than I ever imagined it to be. I always knew that I wanted to get married and have my kids young, I knew that I wanted to be a young mom and hopefully a young grandma. I never imagined that I would be married when I was 20 and be expecting our 5th child when I'm 26. It has just been an amazing ride! The thing that is most different from what I imagined was the fact that I love being home with my children. I always thought I would just work full time and then do the mom thing on evenings and weekends and that I would be ok with that. Ha...wrong! As soon as I held Brodie in my arms, I knew that I needed to do whatever I could and make whatever sacrifices I needed to to be home with my babies. It has been a long journey! I thought that working full time in the lab was going to work out well, I went in from 3am-11:30am and was home the rest of the time. After 4 years of that I grew tired and unhappy and knew that it was not enough. I wanted to be there for all of my kids good mornings and good nights. Now, I'm at the point where we took a huge leap of faith and I'm home and I love it. Whatever sacrifices I have to make, I'm willing to do it. God has always taken care of us and I have no reason to doubt that he will continues to do the same. I can honestly never see myself working full time again.

Friday, October 10, 2008

It's a girl!

Wow, even writing that is taking some getting used to! We had our ultrasound today and it looks like we are having a sweet, perfect, healthy. baby girl! Wowsa! Talk about a shock!! I am just so used to boys and so comfortable and happy with them, that this is taking just a minute to sink in! I am so, so excited about having a daughter. I look forward to that special bond we will share and I look forward to how she will fit in so nicely with the rest of our family. The boys are very excited about having a sister already and Jason has already said, "That girl is never going to leave my arms!". We went to the girl department at Target for the first time today and bought her a little dress and another little outfit. I almost feel like a first time mom again since this will be such a change for us!! We are thrilled that we are going to have a daughter. Elliot Isobel :)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tomorrow is the BIG day!

Tomorrow, at 3:30pm, we go for our anatomy and gender ultrasound!! I am bursting at the seams in anticipation. The closer it gets the harder it is to wait! I am just so excited to find out who is in there and starting calling him or her by their name and start buying some things. It will just make everything seem more real. I honestly and truly do not care if it is another boy or our first girl. There are positives about both!

If we have another little boy, I will feel very relaxed! Jason and I kind of fell like we have this whole boy thing down pat. We have a definite boy vibe going on in our house and I would love to have all sons. It is nice to be the only woman in the house (well, except for Zelda) and boys just love their mommas so, so much. Even though the boys are small they just really look out for me already and I know a 5th son would do the same. Also, if we have another boy, I would have absolutely nothing to buy! Except for cloth diapers, because I'm going to do that this time around.

If we have a girl, it will be very scary for me and will take me a bit to get used to! I've never had a girl and, even though I am one, I don't really know what to do with a baby girl. It would be nice though to have another girl to bond with, talk with , shop with, plan a wedding with, etc. So the thought of having that mother daughter relationship does sound pretty appealing!

Either way, we'll know tomorrow!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My "calling" in life.

Jason and I have talked about this a lot and we seems to share the same idea on it. It seems like a lot of people think they need to try and do something great with their lives, and by great I mean something BIG. Be the best at something, be president, etc. Some people are called to be surgeons, some people are called to be doctors, some teachers, etc. Jason and I feel that God has called us to be parents. That's the BIG thing we are to do with our lives. Who knows if someday my great-great-great granddaughter might find a cure for cancer or win the Nobel prize and she wouldn't even be here were it not for me being a mom to my children. I feel like it is my calling to instill in my children the values that I hold dear such as loving every human and treating people with respect and kindness and who knows what that will blossom into? Now that I have finally come to this realization, I feel very content with my life. It seems like I used to always be searching for something. "What can I be?" "What can I do?" But now that I know, I love what God has called us to do.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

A new family member and a day at the patch

We have a new member of our family! We got a baby puppy on Friday and the boys are in love with her! She is a rat terrier and we named her Zelda. She has been such a nice addition to our family and it just shows me that love continues to multiply and not divide. We all just love her so much and are having a good time with her. Her is a pic of her on the day we brought her home:

This Saturday we all went up to the pumpkin patch in Amazonia. By we I mean, my family, my mom and dad, my brother, my aunt and uncle and 2 of my cousins! What a fun time! We have gone there every fall since before Brodie was born so it has kind of become a tradition. The boys rode a little train, we took a hay ride, they went through a hay maze, we got to cook food over a fire, and they go to run around in the pumpkin patch! Whew! They were worn out by the time we got home. Of course Brodie found this HUGE pumpkin that he wanted and my dad can't tell him no s now we have a huge pumpkin on our front porch! I think I did pretty well. Usually going places like that puts me on edge and I just end up being mean and crazy to everyone. I was pretty proud of myself and we all had fun!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Are things finally looking up?

It seems like things in out life may finally be starting to look up!! I have been so depressed and just ugly these past few weeks and I feel sorry for all of the people who live with me! Anyway, I got the call today saying that I got the job with Parents as Teachers!! I am so unbelievably excited about this! I feel like this is the right job for me and it just feels right. I can see myself doing this as a career and it is something that I am going to be proud to do. We so love our parent educator and so do the boys and I cannot wait to form those bonds with other families. I cannot wait to be there and be a support system for them and encourage them. Besides the job itself being wonderful, the "perks" of the job are great, too. I get to set my own schedule, I do visits on my time. Since I work for the school district, I will have all holidays, breaks, and snow days off with the boys!! I go to Liberty for training the last week of October and I can't wait! I haven't been able to wipe this smile off of my face all day!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The most terrifying morning of my life...

Let me start out by saying that everyone is fine now, but here is what happened to us this morning...Everything started out normal, we took the boy's to their dentist appointment, dropped Brodie off at school, and came home. I was in the kitchen starting some laundry and hanging up the boy's new school paper's on the fridge. Sawyer was int here with me, just hanging out. I noticed that he started making a funny noise and when I looked down he was gagging and choking. His face was turning red, so I grabbed him and ran to the bathroom. He was not making a sound like his airway was blocked by something. I swept his mouth and nothing was there. He gagged a little, but the sound was muffled. So I screamed for Jason and called 911. By this time he was starting to turn purple. Jason was rubbing his back and patting him and he started making more noise but was still coughing. He then started coughing up something mucusy and started breathing much better. By the time the ambulance got there he was breathing just fine and he never did cough anything up. The paramedic checked him over and told us to call our doc so he could check him out and get some x-rays to see if he swallowed anything. So, here we are waiting an hour until our doc appointment. He is doing much better now, but I have never been so scared in my whole life. We have been pretty lucky *knock on wood* and this was the first time anything involving an ambulance has happened to us. Made me realize how fast something can happen even if you are right there....