Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Great Bed Switcheroo!

This past weekend we had a big time bed switcheroo. We are just trying to prepare for the baby which will be here in about 12 weeks and also make the most efficient use of our small space. So, we moved Sawyer from his crib/pack 'n play into a toddler bed. He is doing pretty well! That first night I had to pick him up and put him back in bed about 10-15 times before he got the hint that ti was bedtime and this is where he was sleeping. Once he went down though, he stayed down for the night and looked like such a big boy! Tonight is night #3 in the toddler bed and he is snoozing away in there! Some friends of ours are letting us use one of their bunk beds as well. So we tore down Brodie's twin bed and the other toddler bed and moved the bunks in. It has a twin on top and a full on bottom. So, Brodie is sleeping on top and Deacon and Truman are sleeping on bottom. They LOVE it! Right now it's a toy and a bed for them! Overall the bed switcheroo went very well and all the boys are happy!

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