Monday, June 29, 2009

I think I may be trying to kill myself!!

Ok, not really but it sure feels like it. I went from basically staying at home to working 2 jobs in the span of a couple weeks. I have been PRN in Pathology for about a year now, every since I stopped working there full time. They rarely need me that often and I'm fine with that! Well, Jase and I had kind of decided that I should look for something part time just to help us out in the money department so I applied for a part time over night job at the hospital monitoring the heart patients. I got the job. Yay! But then they started needing me basically full time in
Histo for the summer while one of the other techs was off for surgery and chemo. My hours will eventually drop of there, but for now I am doing both jobs and it is NOT fun. The paychecks are great, but I am a walking zombie! I pretty much just lay in bed and nurse Elliot :) Jason has been really awesome about keeping up the laundry (even the diapers!) and the dishes and taking care of the kids. I really hate that this had to happen over the summer when all the boys are out of school and we could be doing so much fun stuff. Oh well, I guess life is all about sacrifices. I just hope I'm sacrificing the right things. Right now I am writing this blog at 4:30am. I've been at work since 6:30 pm last night and when I get of at 7am, I am going straight into the lab to work all morning. I hope I don't fall asleep and cut my nose off on the microtome.....


Alexia said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, and for commenting! Nice blog.

Liz said... I am just dying to find out how you are! Being a walking zombie is never a good idea long Are you better?