Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Marriage Retreat

This past weekend, Jason and I had a fun time at a marriage retreat with several other couples from our church. It was all day Friday, Saturday, and half a day on Sunday. It was nice to get away form the business of life and just be with each other. We got to go to several different workshops of different topics about marriage and family, I won't bore you with the details!! We just felt like we came back renewed and refreshed and more committed to our marriage and our family. We have some things we are working on with the boys and so far so good! Even Jason has said that it was a life changing experience and if you know my husband he hardly takes anything seriously (which is one of the things I truly love about him). the fact that he had a good time this weekend and really got some things out of it meant the world to me! We are already making plans to go back next year!

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Activities@home said...

That is great. Need to have a retreat every now and then.