Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Joyous Easter!

What a wonderful holiday! Celebrating the single greatest even in the history of time! We had a fun and busy weekend!

Friday I took all 5 kiddos to Penney's to get Easter pics done. This was their first professional pics sine Elliot has been born. I took my grandma with me for some extra help, but really didn't need it. They were all so good and we got 1 good shot! That's all I ask! That evening we went over to my mom and dad's to see what the Easter bunny had left for the kids there.

Saturday I had choir practice at church from 8-12. We got to take a break around 10 to go over for the all church Easter egg hunt! The kids had so much fun! Well, the boys had fun.... Elliot slept :) That evening we went over to Jason's sister's house for a cook out and another Eater egg hunt. It was nice visiting with them and the boys had fun playing with their cousins.

Today the boys got up pretty early to see what the Easter bunny had left for them. I had to be at church early for choir so I rode with my dad. Jason got ALL 5 kids ready by himself and got them to church! He's pretty awesome like that :) Church was amazing! This was the first time I had ever sang in the choir and it was such a cool experience. It was very moving and I will do it again in a heartbeat. It was nice to reflect on the true meaning of this holiday and just thank God for all He has done for me. Afterwards it was off to lunch at my grandma and grandpa's for lunch and hanging out with my family. I've been blessed with a truly wonderful family and I love them all so much!

OK, quick funny story..... I bought a new dress, shoes, jewelry, everything, for Easter. Well, until this morning I didn't really take into account how the heck I was going to nurse Elliot in a one piece dress with no buttons in front! Whoops! So, during the sermon I had to go into the handicap stall in the bathroom, unzip my dress and take down the whole top of it!! So there I was sitting on a toilet, with the top of my dress pulled down nursing Elliot. Real classy!! I didn't think stripping down like that would be appropriate for the cry room :)

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Sara said...

ld nurse in it. I could literally picture you doing that, so funny!