Thursday, January 1, 2009

Deke and Tru are VERY interested in Elliot!

Deacon and Truman are so funny when it comes to all things dealing with Elliot. This is the first baby I've had where they have really been old enough to kind of sort of know what is going on. Brodie is old hat at this big brother thing by now, he does love to sit with his hand on my belly in the evenings and feel her kick. Sawyer is still in denial of the fact that he is no longer going to be the baby. But Deke and Tru are always asking me lots of questions about it all. "Why is you tummy so big, momma?" "What if I don't like baby girls?" "Can she sit next to us in the van?" All kinds of cute questions! Well, tonight we had the BEST conversation! 
*"Hey, momma, is the doctor going to cut Elliot out of you tummy?"
*"Well, hon, I sure hope not!"
*"Well then how is she going to come out?"
*"I'll push her out like this." (then I closed my eyes and acted like I was pushing)
*"You mean like when you go poop?!?!"
*"Yeah, kind of like that."
*"Is she going to land in the toilet?"

At this point, I lost it and was totally cracking up!! They were both dead serious about the whole conversation though. I'm glad they are so excited :)

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LittleMama said...

Too cute & hilarious to boot!