Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm going to make this job work!!

Lately I have been really frustrated with my job as a Parent Educator with Parents as Teachers. I don't see how you can call someone, set up a time to meet, and then they just don't show up??? Who does that? Apparently, a lot of people do! From what I have heard, this is fairly common in the beginning since I have all new families who have no clue about the program yet. I am starting to get several families though that I feel comfortable with, I have seen several times, and I feel like things are more established with them. I think if I can keep building up those families then everything will be fine! I really love the job when it goes how it should. When the families are home and I get to do a visit, it is so fun! It gives me a chance to totally make up my own schedule and get out of the house just a bit. Plus, I like seeing moms and dad's with their babies. I'm not babysitting or anything, I'm just watching them interact, sharing some info, and playing with them! It is going to work dang it!! I will make it work, but sometimes it is just frustrating!

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