Monday, September 22, 2008

Job interview and dang landlords!!!

I had a job interview today and I think ti went pretty well. It was with Parents as Teachers to be a part time parent educator. Seems like a job I would really like and that would fit well with my lifestyle and the things I want for myself and my family. It has an uber flexible schedule which is one of the things that really appeals to me about it. I should know something by next week. I won't get my hopes up though....seems like I am always being let down. I'll just have to pray and leave it God.

I finally talked to our old landlord today, the one from our old duplex. What a bunch of morons they are and talk about horrible book keeping and communication skills! Here's a tip, never go through Coldwell Banker when are just a number to them, just a paycheck to them, and they keep horrible books!!! ANYWAY.... I got a deal worked out with them on the back rent they say we supposedly owe them. I think we could probably fight them on it in all honesty, but it is just not worth it! I will pay them the money and be DONE with them!!

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