Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pretty much a perfect morning!

If all mornings could be like this morning, life would be grand! The boys got up early, on their own and didn't come wake Jason or I up. Brodie got breakfast for him, Deacon, and Truman while Sawyer still slept. I had their clothes laid out for them and after they ate they went and got dresses. They even put on their own shoes!!! When I got up, I went and got breakfast for Sawyer. When I went in the kitchen, their dishes were already in the sink and the table wiped up! They even brushed their teeth and combed their hair without being asked to do so a million times. The 3 older boys made their beds (!!!) and had their backpacks on and were lined up at the front door in plenty of time for us to leave to take everyone to school. Seriously...can all morning be this way ? Are they finally learning to do things without being told 100 times? What a bunch of sweetie pies!

Funny Boy Quote of the Day: Brodie got his school pictures back yesterday and he said,"Mom, I look so ugly. I look like Truman."

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Kristin said...

I found you Blog on Pg.org. Wanted to show you some love. Now confess how did you get your boys to do it this AM. Bribery, fear, intimidation???? LOL!