Saturday, September 27, 2008

Shedding our skin.

Jason said this to m the other day and I totally love it and agree with it. He said, "I feel like our family is shedding it's skin. Getting rid of all the bad things we don't need anymore leaving us with only the good." I feel like this is so true for us right now! First of all we got out of our duplex and have made plans with our landlord to pay off the money we owe on it. Honestly, that place had always been a struggle for us to afford and it feels like such a weight lifted that we are out of there! God provided us with a free home to live in which is amazing and something that we never thought was possible. It's like all of the pieces feel into place and we are where we should be right now. Secondly, we are going to be getting some of our medical bills done and over with. We don't have huge medical bills at all, but there are some and that is another cloud that has been hanging over our heads that will be taken care of very soon. We decided several years ago to NEVER have credit cards and we have done very well sticking by that. The only card we have is a Target card that has a $250 limit which we will keep, other than that we have NONE! So, basically (except for our van...which is actually a whole other story!!) we will be totally and completely debt free by the first of the year. What a wonderful start to the year and as we prepare to welcome our 5th blessing in the world. For the first time in a very, very long time I am hopeful about our future and I know things are going to be great! Oh, also last week Jason got his acceptance letter into college...he is finally going to follow his dreams and I couldn't be more proud !

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