Friday, September 19, 2008

Some days I wonder what the heck I am doing!

So, pretty much...I'm crazy! Ask Jason, ask my mom, ask my dad, ask ANYONE! I am a certifiable nut and some days that just does not mix well with having a large family. Today was an especially bad day for me for whatever reason. I woke up in a bad mood and it just quickly spiraled out of control. Seems like poor Jason is always the one who gets the brunt of my craziness...poor guy, good thing he loves me. Sometimes I feel like it is hard for me to see past all the chaos and see the true blessings I have. I see the peanut butter smears on the table, but don't stop to be thankful that we have food to eat. I see the fact that the boy's room is not cleaned up after the 500th time I asked them, but am not able to see how blessed we are to provided fun things for the boys to do. I'll admit it, I get overwhelmed A LOT! Just the day to day functions of having 4 kids is enough to drive a sane person mad!! 4 bowls of cereal, 4 cups of milk, 4 sets of clothes to get out, 4 sets of shoes to put on, etc, etc and that isn't even counting getting myself ready and that is just first thing in the morning!! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE having 4 (almost 5!) children and I do feel like God has called Jason and I to have a large family, but is it too much to ask to have 5 minutes of quiet in a day to collect my thoughts?!?

Funny Boy Quote of the Day: We saw a teenager walking down the street carrying a skateboard and the boys saw him. Deacon then proceeded to yell, "Look! It's Tony Hawk!" I'm sure it made that kid's day!!

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