Sunday, September 21, 2008

Soccer, Ren Fest, and Eclipse

Yesterday was Brodie's first soccer game and it was so cute to watch! He has played indoor soccer before, but this was the first year he has played real, out door soccer complete with shin guards and cleats. He was just running around out there and having such a fun time with his team. They don't officially keep score, but one of the boys on their team did and said that they won. It is fun to watch Brodie grow up and do new things, each stage he enters is my new favorite!

After soccer, we took the older 3 boys to the Ren Fest down in KC. We decided to leave Sawyer here in town with my grandma because he is not really old enough to enjoy it and it annoys me so badly when people take strollers to places like that. So we were able to have a lot of fun with Brodie, Deacon, and Truman. We rode down there with my mom and dad. Deacon and Truman rode an elephant, but Brodie didn't want to. I think they all loved the joust the most. They talked about that for the rest of the day and were still talking about it this morning. Of course they had to get their own swords and shields. (yes, made out of real wood....I'm sure I'll be regretting that purchase before too long!) They also had little stuffed swords and shields so we got one of each for Sawyer. It was a long, tiring day but the boys had a blast so what more could I ask for?

Last night, I finished reading "Eclipse" which is the 3rd book in Stephanie Meyers "Twilight" series. Oh, it was SO good! I just really love those books. Jason thinks I get all depressed when I read them because I wish he was a vampire or something stupid like that but that is not the case. It just makes me think back to when Jason and I were first together, I feel like we were like Edward and Bella. We were drawn to each other like magnets, the nights could not be over fast enough so I could see him again. I wanted nothing more than to spend all of my time with him and him with me. Not that I am not still totally in love with him, but once you get married and add real life and kids into the equation it makes it harder. I guess I just miss the innocence and simplicity of when we were young and first in love and that is why I sometimes seems sad when I read those books....

Funny Boy Quote of the Day: Truman kept asking if we were going to The Vegetable Place. Turns out he meant Renaissance Festivle!

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