Monday, October 20, 2008

Deke and Tru will be the reasons for my 1st grey hair!

Oh, those twins of mine!!! The 3's are a hard age anyway, in my opinion. Mush worse than the so called "terrible 2's"!! What's worse is that they are boys and there are 2 of them. When one of them starts in on something, the other just feeds off of that and it quickly escalates. I wouldn't say they are bad, they are just kids and this is just the age they are at right now but it is hard! I find myself losing my cool with them pretty much daily! Like right now, I just looked in their room, why are we playing with the baby Q-tips?!? WHY?!?! They are little sweethearts though, always hugging us and telling us they love us which is nice but hen I turn around and see them kicking the dog or pushing Sawyer over. Oh my!! They did melt my heart today though.Brodie was at school and Sawyer was taking his morning nap so I gave them some paper and markers and told them to draw me a Halloween picture. Well....Deacon drew some fog, but with a door on it so you can get out and Truman drew a spider eating a Halloween sandwich :) How can you not just want to eat them up, even when they do drive you nuts??

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