Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Every age is my "favorite" age!

I swear that every age my kids are going though is my favorite! There is just something so fun and exciting (and also bittersweet) about watching your children grow and learn. Here is why each age they are in is my "favorite":

Brodie: Brodie is about 5.5 now and s in kindergarten and he is just an awesome kid! He is learning to read and write which just amazes me! He is making his own little friends outside of our family unit. He has a definite clothing style that he prefers and hobby's that he enjoys and a certain way he likes his hair ("not handsome", as he says). You can carry on a conversation with him just like you would an adult. He knows how to use humor and sarcasm at appropriate times and he is just fun to be with!

Deacon and Truman: These two are going though an age of discovery! Not only are they becoming more independant by being able to dress themselves, put on their own shoes, put their own dishes and clothes up, etc but they are learning so much! They are at an age where they are learning colors and numbers and shapes and just really starting to notice the world around them. This is the age where they ask they cutest questions like "Why does a duck have wings?" and "Where does the moon go when it sleeps?" and you just want to bottle them up because they are so precious! I love to watch them learn.

Sawyer: Such a fun age!! He is walking and talking now! His favorite thing is to yell for our dog Zelda when he can't find her. He feeds himself with utensils now pretty well and he tries so hard to put on his own shoes and socks. He gets very frustrated when he knows what he wants to do but can't figure out how to do it. He loves to give big hugs and kisses. When the phone rings he looks at me and says "Hello?" like he is telling me to go answer it. He just does something new every day and it is just too fun to watch.

My children may drive me nuts at times, but when I sit down and really think about how blessed I am it just amazes me. I love those boys with all that I am!

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