Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A momma can brag, can't she?!?!

Tonight, Jason and I went to Brodie's very first parent/teacher conference! I am proud to report that he is doing so well! He is reading on his own at a level most kids don't read on until way later in the year. They need to know numbers 1-25, and he can go up to 69! He can recognize 10 of their "sight words" and he only needed to know 6. He knows how to subtract and they haven't even started learning that yet! He can recognize all of his capital and lowercase letters by sight, and not in alphabetical order and the numbers 1-31 by sight and not in numerical order. He is just an amazing little guy and he has learned so much since he started school. Jason and I could not be more proud of him!!!!!!

On a side note, some exciting things may be happening on the "home" front! Conveniently enough, my brothers feels like the house he bought is a little too big for him and we just happen to need a bigger house! We may be buying it from him and hopefully moving before Elliot gets here! More to come....

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Carla said...

Congrats to Brodie!! And good luck with the house.