Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My "calling" in life.

Jason and I have talked about this a lot and we seems to share the same idea on it. It seems like a lot of people think they need to try and do something great with their lives, and by great I mean something BIG. Be the best at something, be president, etc. Some people are called to be surgeons, some people are called to be doctors, some teachers, etc. Jason and I feel that God has called us to be parents. That's the BIG thing we are to do with our lives. Who knows if someday my great-great-great granddaughter might find a cure for cancer or win the Nobel prize and she wouldn't even be here were it not for me being a mom to my children. I feel like it is my calling to instill in my children the values that I hold dear such as loving every human and treating people with respect and kindness and who knows what that will blossom into? Now that I have finally come to this realization, I feel very content with my life. It seems like I used to always be searching for something. "What can I be?" "What can I do?" But now that I know, I love what God has called us to do.

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